Indifference as a Power

The power of indifference in the correct situation is so easily underestimated that almost no modern will champion it – the few who do so are almost exclusively followers of the Stoics. I have no quarrel with the Stoics, but I do not intend to write a Stoic manifesto today.
The first case of indifference – to one’s own pain or suffering. Equanimity?
The value and necessity of this power for surviving a hard life or perservering through struggle is hard to overstate. Fortunately the ancient Stoics produced great texts upon this which will provide you more value than anything I could write. I will simply offer that the ability to selectively feel indifference to your own feelings is a necessary condition to a succesful life.

The second case of indifference – to others.
This is primarily a defense mechanism against manipulation. The most obvious case is that of the individual with Borderline Personality Disorder – they manipulate and abuse the world around them via the humanity, empathy, and caring of other people. Even a small, selective, dose of indifference will stop these malevolent creatures in their tracks – indifference protects. Obviously to be personally indeifferent for long stretches of time or with many people has risks, you may gradually fall into sociaopathy, fortunately this is almost never necessary. Most toxic people, that is the emotionally manipulative or abusive, will recoil in terror upon encountering indifference – indeed they will promptly flee from your social circle and never be heard from again upon encountering indifference, the negation of all their powers.

The third case of indifference – to ideas.
How do you defeat Birtherism? White supremacy? Feminism? Socialism? HBDists? Christianity? Racism? Flat Earthism? Indifference. Actions, policies, bills, laws… Can all be opposed and beaten. Ideas cannot, ideas spread so long as they are talked about – any attack on an idea will be met by a vigorous defense, a circling of wagons. Only indifference can kill an idea. To attack an idea invites the possibility of an ever escalating culture war, on occasion these are unavoidable – but in the vast majority of cases you can only win through indifference, any other reaction simply invites the effects of Toxoplasma to escalate and consume everything.

Do not take this as a call to apathy, indifference is not the same as apathy. Indifference must only be wielded occasionally as a weapon or a shield – should indifference seep into your core only emptiness awaits you.

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